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6 Reasons to Come on a Life Raft Meditation Retreat

1. Meditation retreats are peaceful & relaxing
Our meditation retreats take place in beautiful, secluded locations where peace and relaxation are paramount. This gives you space and freedom from the complexities and busyness of the fast-paced life most of us are living every day. You get to have a COMPLETE break from the hustle & bustle of normal life – and a welcome rest from non-stop interruptions from electronic communication.

2. You get to focus on YOU
We all know how valuable it is to recharge our batteries but how often do we actually do it? The meditation retreat gives you a chance to focus solely on YOU. If you’re a newcomer to meditation you get to learn powerful new skills you can use for the rest of your life to help you become calmer and happier. If you’ve already learned to meditate you get to deepen and refine your practice. It is well-known that the deepest insights often occur on retreats purely because of this element of focus and freedom from distractions.

3. You’re well looked after
On our meditation retreats we do everything we can to make sure you are as relaxed as possible for your entire stay. Comfortable beds, idyllic surroundings and wholesome, natural food are standard and beyond that we have staff on hand to ensure your stay is totally stress-free. All you need to bring is your clothing and toiletries – we’ll provide everything else. We even offer 1:1 Shiatsu sessions if required.

4. You get to learn a LOT
Techniques for various strategies are clearly explained at the start of each session and the emphasis is on practice throughout the whole retreat. This is your time to practice and apply what you learn; consequently you can expect to make good progress. We run theory and question & answer sessions to provide support and answer queries should you have them.

5. You can do as much or as little as you want.
Some people go on a meditation retreat for a relaxing break. Others go to enjoy dedicated practice time away from distractions. Whatever you prefer is fine with us – we are very informal and easy-going and our daily classes and sessions are totally optional. For those who want to learn or develop meditation practice we have a variety of daily sessions including mindful movement, yoga, sitting meditation, walking meditation and various energy meditations. For those who prefer to do their own thing there is beautiful scenery to explore, a sauna to relax in after a long walk, big comfy sofas next to log burning stoves and a range of uplifting books to dip into.

6. You get to mix with like-minded souls
If you’ve been on one of our courses you’ll know the importance of keeping in touch with people who are on your wavelength – it’s really helpful and supportive to surround yourself who are on a similar path to you. That’s actually why we put the retreats on – to build a community of positive, friendly people.

So…if you are looking for a way to get started into meditation and want to learn proven methods to calm your mind and improve your health (or if you just fancy a VERY relaxing weekend) we would love you to join us on our next informal retreat…

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The author: Rob Plevin

Rob Plevin discovered mindfulness as a means of overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a near-fatal knife attack in 2010. He trained with a Zen Master and became a meditation teacher in 2013 after noticing that mindfulness had completely changed every area of his life for the better. He teaches mindfulness online at and with his partner Sally from their home in the English Lake District